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Empowering life with AI innovations.

The Racetrack Vision

We want to empower business and society to go to the next level through AI innovations.


Business needs three levers to grow: information, communicationand action. But in the digital age, incremental growth takes you nowhere. You need next-level growth. Racetrack sees three ingredients for next-level growth: spotting complex patterns, serving customers intelligently,and scaling up faster. Humans can’t always do that alone. That’s why we use AI to help our clients gain competitive advantage.

  • Become more flexible
  • Serve millions of end-customers more effectively
  • Shorten sales cycle
  • Achieve business targets
  • Expand operations
  • Create a seamless brand experience
  • Generate additional revenue from customers

Racetrack.ai - India's 1st AI Innovation Hub

Empowering Life with AI Innovations

Meet the team

Dive into a talent pool of brilliant, curious minds from top schools like IIT, IIM, ISB, ISI, IISc, and more!

  • Photo of Subrat Parida

    Subrat Parida

    Founder & CEO

    An alumnus of IIM-Bangalore, Subrat Parida is one of the noted Technopreneurs in India. An exemplary persona whose story motivates many to dream differently and carve all the paths to fulfil them, he previously had two startups (and has successfully exited from one via an acquisition). With Racetrack.ai, he is on to the next big challenge of establishing a leading AI driven billion-dollar Technology Enterprise in the highly competitive and exciting global marketplace.

  • Photo of Shejil Balakrishnan

    Shejil Balakrishnan

    Co-Founder & Director

    One of the strongest pillars of Racetrack.ai, Shejil has more than two decades of market experience. His vision is to drive sales at quantum speeds on the vast scope of AI. An ex-alumnus of St. Thomas College, he held key leadership position and worked on Design, Implementation and upgradation of QMS, Quality Audits Compliance, Strategic Planning, Operational Excellence and Technology Transfer.

  • Photo of Joydeep Biswas

    Joydeep Biswas

    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

    A pro marketer who has been a motivational force behind the success of multiple campaigns in companies like Reliance and HP, Joydeep heads Racetracka.ai as the Chief Marketing Officer. Excellent knowledge in the domain, patience to observe, and the zeal to explore makes him one of the most dependable as well as reliable names in Racetrack.ai.

  • Photo of Bismaya Nayak

    Bismaya Nayak

    Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO)

    Before joining Racetrack.ai, Bismaya was managing Mphasis’s APAC service delivery from Shanghai for many Fortune 500 companies. With 20+ years of industry experience, he is known for his excellent experience in Fintech, R&D, Strategy Planning, Business Operations, Client Servicing, Technical Direction & Quality Consulting for multi-country, multi-culture, and multi-million-dollar portfolios.

  • Photo of Sreevani Nagendran

    Sreevani Nagendran

    Sr. Technical Architect

    With hands-on experience in realizing prototype to product, migrating / upgrading technology of products & integrating EHR (Electronic Health Record) applications, Sreevani wears many feathers in her hat. A noted alumnus of Illinois Institute of Technology, she can be found mentoring the technical team and keeping them motivated towards exploring newer dimensions in AI technology.

  • Photo of Amiya Behera

    Amiya Behera

    Chief Business Officer (CBO)

    Amiya currently heads Sales at Racetrack. Prior to Racetrack, he was based out of Hong Kong managing large Strategic clients across APAC countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, and Australia. In the past, he was associated with MNCs like HCL, Oracle, Mphasis, Birlasoft where has grown businesses across multiple folds.

Why are we different?

Unlike other AI technologies, ours is not form-based. Through innovations, our AI solutions can respond intelligently to a range of complex human queries, making communication natural and the sales experience strong.

How we see the future

Our aim is to take AI out of the lab and into the the drawing room of every Indian household through breakthrough innovations.

Where are we heading to?

  • Apollo Pharamacy, Appollo Hospitals, ICICI Prudential, Sterling Holidays, nestaway, mantri, Salarpuria Sattva, Puravankara, Citrus Ventures, HM Group, Kolte Patil, SJR Primecopr, Skylark.

    Language proficiency

    We plan to make our AI solutions available in many languages, to serve the needs of an increasingly globalised marketplace.

  • Apollo Pharamacy, Appollo Hospitals, ICICI Prudential, Sterling Holidays, nestaway, mantri, Salarpuria Sattva, Puravankara, Citrus Ventures, HM Group, Kolte Patil, SJR Primecopr, Skylark.

    Product Roadmap

    Real-Time Digital Collaborative Engagement Platform AI-Powered Financial Advisory Independent Voice Based Engage Interface Emotional Intelligence in Communication

  • Market Expansion illustration

    Market Expansion

    Racetrack has exciting plans to expand into international markets. Watch this space for more information.