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Making Life-Long Relations Count: The AI Way

AI in matrimony

‘Black Mirror’ can easily be termed as one of the best science fictions shows that our generation or even the past generations have seen. This blog, however, is not about Black Mirror. It does touch one very important technological incursion in human life which the episode ‘Hang the DJ’ of the said series had shown, however.

So, the said episode was about matchmaking; dating to be more precise and it involved 1000 separate simulations in the app before the app found out the perfect match for the person. Amy and Frank, the protagonists of the show went through all these simulations and were able to match 998 times out of the 1000 which meant a 99.8% compatible match.

Now, we might think that this was Black Mirror and hence fiction, what could be the probable implications of the same in practical life? Well, the said fiction has been turned into reality and Artificial Intelligence has now been enabled to assist with Matchmaking.

What could be next – AI powered Matrimony maybe?

This blog talks about how that could happen.


How Would It Work?

If we have to explain in one line and in layman terms, it would happen by matching the traits of the involved as accurately as possible while removing any possibility of fake answers anywhere along the course of the examination.

Now, let us delve into it deeper. Every person has 5 core traits spanned across Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Physical and Moral values. A true compatibility can only be revealed by testing the people across these 5. Now, though it seems easy on the outset, but it isn’t because each of these 5 traits have several sub traits- the entire permutation resulting in over millions of possible personality types. Some of us might say that there are 16 major personality types but then, we need to understand that when it comes to matrimony, it isn’t the major 16 that would count. Rather, it would be the minor millions that would. Data, hence, plays a big role when it comes to utilizing AI for the match-making purposes.

With human intervention, one can only think of so many use cases and model the bot or the AI engine accordingly. However, with deep learning, unsupervised models, the bots can be made to learn and adapt over time, thus covering these millions as well as any new possibility that comes up over time.

Such a model can then be administered to users through games, conversations or check lists to determine the personality and preference types and then match accordingly.

Sentimental Analysis will also have a big role to play in this, especially in the emotional trait determination because when it comes to matrimony, that is what matters the most when compatibility is concerned.

Other than these, social media profiling will also be of essence, especially in the very initial levels of filtering.

Now, how can one be sure of the accuracy of this and the fact that people wouldn’t be able to fake it?

Just a simple analogy should be enough to answer that question – the reason why the personality tests are so long and have similar questions being asked again and again in different forms is to improve upon the accuracy. Same would be the case with an AI powered engine – even more so since the engine would auto adapt itself to see the path that you have been taking and present questions accordingly.


What Would Be the Benefits?

If we talk about the Indian context in specific where still a lot of people have arranged marriages, such engines hold immense usability in finding the right match.

This is because, people usually tend to act differently and in a more formal way when they are under a watchful eye – the pressure to act ideal is too much and hence the actual personality gets lost. Also, arranged marriages till date do not allow for a lot of time for the boy and the girl to mingle and know each other well, the entire thing happens so fast that there is hardly any time to know each other well enough to make a decision- the result, a poorly made match and as we can see these days, increased rates of divorce too!

However, with Artificial Intelligence, one can get to know the kind of compatibility that would be there in way less time- simply because the simulation plays multiple scenarios in real time to analyse the personality traits and find out the compatibility.

Thus, the result is a more accurate match and hence higher are the chances that the alliance that would thus happen will be successful.


By When Would It Happen?

A significant level of such advancement has already been made in form of multiple matchmaking apps. Even multiple big players in the matrimony domain are providing such services. However, the current level cannot be called Artificial Intelligence in actuality. A major factor that is hampering the growth of such apps is the fact that they do not take behavioural aspects into consideration- an aspect which literally forms the very basis of a successful match. Though the attempts are good, but they are more of a hard-coded analytical nature as against deep learning-based models which improvise themselves to suit the situation better.

That being said, we are confident that such a level of accuracy would be developed and implemented soon and just like all the ways in which AI is entering into and helping with all the major decisions of our life such as buying a house, investing in funds, financial planning, etc., it would soon revolutionize the matrimony sector too!


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