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Get to the next-level you.

With interesting work, opportunities to learn and grow with great people.

Our people philosophy

We believe in working with the best. And we reward them with the best, whether its work, compensation, amenities or culture. In our workplace, every team member has the chance to chart their next-level growth.

Core values

  • Vision

    With a focus on frontier technologies like NLP, Machine Learningand Deep Learning, we solve complex problems with creativity. Our motto during brainstorms is, Every idea is valid.

  • Diversity

    Though we have a common goal, there are many ways to get there. At Racetrack we create a diverse culture where every idea, thought and dream is valid.

  • Best brains

    We encourage the best brains to ideate, build and deliver. One team, one goal.

  • Ethical work

    We prioritize ethics over expediency. Every single time. Enough said!

  • Respect

    Without respect there is no trust. Without trust there is no growth. Everyone at Racetrack respects the other’s viewpoint, way of life, work ethics, and time.

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