We believe in working with the Best and reward with the Best in class compensation, amenities, work and culture. A manifestation of this is a workplace that provides opportunity to every team member to transform into business and technology leaders of tomorrow.


With focus on R&D around frontier technologies such as AI, Deep Learning, NLP our teams come with collective streaks of envisioning how to solve business problems with creatively applying such technologies. Which is why we have the motto of , “No idea is stupid”

The Best of Brains

Top notch brains “One Team, One Goal”
Ideate, Build, Deliver

Same Same, But Different

We are all tied to common vision, purpose and outcomes. However, each has his or her own mode of thinking, doing, living, loving and we at racetrack.ai welcome all.


The team respects the self and the other’s viewpoint, way of life, work, ethics, dignity of labor, time which means a lot to us as humans

High Work Ethics

An ethical bunch. Enough said!

Join With Us

We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent