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Racetrack.ai – India’s First AI Innovation Hub, endeavours to empower businesses by igniting meaningful communication with consumers. It helps businesses to understand consumers: analyse their requirements & sentiments, suggest them solutions and ensures smooth on-boarding.

Racetrack.ai believes Artificial Intelligence as a handshake between humans and modern-day machines to address the vital needs of consumers.


Information Consumption rate for consumers is very high in medium to high involvement product categories as consumers prefer taking informed Purchase Decisions. Thus, it becomes vital for businesses to cater each prospect in engaging ways. For these segments, Cost Management, Brand Experience & Engagement, Sales Efficiency, customer retention and Revenue Generation can be called as the key focus areas.

Racetrack.ai is catering to Healthcare, Mutual Funds, Hospitality, Tours & Travels, Real Estate, Education, etc. to address their business challenges & create a competitive advantage for them.

Business Challenges:

  • Addressing millions of customers; especially during non-business hours
  • No mechanism to segregate hot & cold leads
  • Junk leads were impacting total lead conversion
  • Customers had to wait to get attended; leading to bad consumer experience
  • Higher amount of unattended traffic was resulting business opportunity lost
  • To close the sales loop aptly at a faster pace in the same web platform (wherever applicable)
  • To increase customer retention by offering excellent after sales & support mechanism
  • All the above finally accounted in potential business loss

Business Needs:

Since the brand experience plays the most important role for medium and high involvement product categories, the need of the hour was to build:

  • Robust Sales Mechanism to serve customers’ needs
  • Analytics Driven Insights for better Business Planning
  • Creating Seamless Brand Experience for consumers
  • Shorter Sale Cycle for better Cash-Flow Cycle
  • Enhanced Brand Engagement for creating Brand Preference

Proposed Solution:

Racetrack.ai proposed to deploy Marvin™ – a seasoned Salesperson with analytical capability of a Super Computer. Features that make Marvin unique and different:

  • Omnipresent and attend online customers 24×7×365
  • Can handle 1M+ customers concurrently
  • Meaningful Conversations to enhance Customer Engagement
  • Offers Tailor-Made assistance to the customers
  • Clear Categorisation of Leads based on real-time analytics
  • Pre-Sales to Acquire customers
  • Analytical Dashboard to capture critical customer insights
  • Make Sales and contribute towards Revenue Generation
  • Post-Sale: to retain Customers
  • Complete Natural way of conversation

How Marvin Works:

Marvin is a B2B2C Virtual Sales & Support Agent who resides in virtual online platforms. He analyses consumer behaviours and build a structured communication channel while ensuring seamless brand experience and highly informed-purchase decisions. With Marvin, our clients have successfully made the entire discovery process Engaging, Faster, and at the Fingertips of the end-users.

Traffic Overview:

Dashboard - Analytic

Key Insights:

Dashboard - Chat Details

Location Heatmap:

Dashboard - Location

Lead Details:

Dashboard - Lead Details

What Consumers are Talking About:

Dashboard - Word Cloud

Proven Business Impacts:

  • Incremental Revenue rose up to $67M+
  • Interaction Rate went high from 7-8% to ~12%
  • Web-Traffic Conversion Rate grew from 2% to 8%
  • Customer Waiting Time went down form 10-15 seconds to zero
  • Missed Prospect has come down from 15% to 2%
  • Conversion Drop Rates improved from 20% to 3%
  • Quality Leads improved by 57%

Few of Our Eminent Clients:

Clients - Salarpuria Sattva Group, Sterling Holidays, Mantri Developers and Nestaway

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