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AI can put your business ahead on the racetrack.

From real-world data, our products can recognize and act on patterns too large or too complex for your people to solve on their own.

Our innovations can help your industry

  • Banking


    • I am wasting too much time doing background checks on loan applicants.
    • I need to augment investment research.
    • I need to find a smarter way to detect and pre-empt fraud.
    • Can I launch a fund that’s entirely managed by an AI?
  • Healthcare


    • I am losing time doing pre-medical check-ups.
    • I am unable to predict diseases in time to cure them.
    • How can I speed up drug development?
  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    • I am losing customers because I am unable to supply the required information at the right time.
    • The lead time from finding prospect to generating interest is too long.
    • I am unable to segregate hot leads and cold leads.
  • Hospitality


    • I am unable to find the right people to handle reservations and so we are losing good customers and accepting bad ones.
    • I don’t have a scalable means to getting customer feedback.
    • I wish I could automate the customer booking process without losing the human touch.
  • Retail


    • I am losing customers because there’s no one to interact with them during non-business hours.
    • I am unable to shorten sales cycle because customers cannot find the right product on my site.
    • I am wasting precious human time on sales support.

Clients Served

Naturetrails Resort, Sterling Holidays, nestaway, mantri, Salarpuria Sattva, Puravankara, HM Group, Kolte Patil, SJR Primecopr, Skylark.