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You can’t be in a million places at once. But Marvin can.

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Marvin converts prospects into clients

Marvin is a virtual sales and sales support assistant with super-computing abilities. He intelligently understands customer needs through conversations, recommends the right product or service, and closes the sale.

Customer lifecycle diagram

Marvin works on every stage of the customer lifecycle

  • Pre-sales


    • Interacts with customers and understands their needs.
    • Generates and categorises leads.
    • Works 24/7 × 365 days.
  • Sales


    • Can handle 1 million+ customers simultaneously.
    • Recommends products as per customer need.
  • Post-sales


    • Manages customer needs post on-boarding, including grievance management.


  • Sales & Support

    Connects sales team in real time & reduces cost by 80%.

  • 24/7 × 365

    Address customers during non-business hours.

  • Accuracy

    Achieve 100% accuracy in responses.

  • Conversational marketing

    Engages the customer well to understand the needs & requirement.

  • Product Recommender

    Gives relevant suggestions to clients for cross-selling & up-selling.

  • Rich media

    Shares images, charts, videos etc., in real time.


Key customer preference insights driven based on Machine-Learning & Deep-Learning.

  • Location dashboard screen

    Opportunity analysis

    This helps businesses to know where customers are coming from or their exact location. With this, businesses can analyse and make critical business decisions.

  • Analytics dashboard screen

    Traffic, Campaign & Conversion Analysis

    Marvin’s advanced analytics enables businesses to gain access to overall number of visitors, total bounce rates, conversion rates and final lead generation data, etc. which helps businesses to estimate ROI calculation of campaigns and fine tune it accordingly.

  • Chat details dashboard screen

    Dissected chat overview

    Key insights by Marvin helps businesses to know what customers are looking for. Having access to such crucial data, businesses can target potential customers aptly.

  • Lead details dashboard screen

    Lead Details

    Marvin offers lucrative or competitive advantage to businesses by garnering all the vital customer details with customer segmentation. With these info, business can plan better and effective ways to serve the customers.

  • Word cloud dashboard screen

    Customer engagement statistics

    Word Cloud empowers businesses to track what customers are talking about. This helps them to do better business planning and execute marketing strategies efficiently.

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Marvin helps real estate clients generate leads, sell, and increase engagement rates

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