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Real Estate

Accelerating the business by better lead prioritisation & faster lead closure with the power of AI.

Real estate as a sector has seen a significant uplift ever since the industrialization took place and people shifted to more urban areas. The market has been continuously growing since and so are the demands of the end users.

However, to ensure that one grows in sync with the market and increase their market cap, a lot of concerns need to be addressed first.

Artificial Intelligence can be of great assistance in solving these concerns, effectively and efficiently.

The Major Concerns

One of the biggest challenges that the sector faces is the excess inventory it has to deal with. The demand exists and hence the construction is done but the inability to sell adequately results in multiple such properties lying vacant.

This results in the inability to achieve the right kind of price appreciation and hence with inflation being added annually, even if the properties get sold later, the result is net loss or barely any profit.

Some such concerns which if addressed can help with immediate Revenue maximisation are:

  • Lack of Quality Leads
  • Low Organic/Un-paid for Conversions
  • Lack of Knowledge on which leads should be prioritised first
  • Excess dependency on Agents for selling the properties
  • Really Long Sales Cycle

Where the Solution Lies

An ideal solution would lie in first optimising the campaigns well to get the right leads, knowing which of these leads have the highest purchase intent and then building a rapport with these leads so that they realize that your firm understands their concerns better and hence you should be preferred choice.

To make all this happen, one would require:

  • A constantly engaging communicator which is available 24/7
  • An understanding of the sentiments and tones of the person being interacted with
  • A knowhow of how one can generate targeted marketing campaigns
  • Ability to reduce dependency on paid campaigns and derive more leads from the organic source/website
  • Ability to handle multiple intents parallelly and still knowing each prospect as an individual

At Racetrack,

we understand how Artificial Intelligence has the power to accelerate the businesses and help achieve targets in a bigger and better way. And so, we devised MARVIN!


  • Engage with prospects 24/7, 365 days a year without any fatigue
  • Gauge the level of interest the prospect has in the product and hence can prioritise leads accordingly
  • Remember your prospects and hence over time keep learning about what would your prospects prefer
  • Understand the person’s characteristics and hence provide key sales intel to the sales team
  • Enable Property recommendation and hence can up-sell
  • Make the website interactive and hence reduce dependency on paid campaigns
  • Maximise conversions by providing the option to book a site visit right there in the window

What we can help you Achieve

We would prefer telling what MARVIN has done for our clients already and hence has the ability to replicate the same for you too, or maybe even better it up a notch.

  • Increase in lead generation opportunity by 310%-388%
  • Boost up in website conversion rate by 515%-633%
  • Incremental Revenue 41.2%-63%
  • Increase in direct online revenue potential by 6.2 times

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