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You may not know what your customer needs next. But Turing does.

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Turing uses analytics to grow your business

Turing can suggest products for cross-sell and up-sell with your customers. It also profiles customers to intelligently suggest business expansion routes and product mix ideas. Coded with advanced AI stacks, Turing is a highly evolved right-hand to support your growth plans!


  • Product-mix Ideas

    Suggest store level product mix.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Computed by complex neural networks.

  • Inventory Optimisation

    Store-level inventory optimisation between 90%–98%.

  • Cross-sell & Up-sell

    Suggest related product basis numerous factors to increase customer’s basket size.

  • Performance tracking

    Store-level performace tracking based on value generated through cross-selling

  • Suggestion on probable store location

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Hybrid model of neural networks and knowledge base

Built on a hybrid model which involves neural networks and knowledge based recommendation engines. This is powered by mathematical and Machine Learning based algorithms.

  • Java
  • Python
  • mongoDB
  • node.js
  • TensorFlow
  • Angular
  • mySQL
  • Patented Technology

Hire Turing to make smart recommendations to your customers

And extract more revenue from them!

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